Nikon F401x and 50mm f/1.8 AF

A neighbor messaged me and asked if I’d like an old camera of his that was in his garage.  Of course, I said yes!


Nice finds, but not thrifty enough

We stopped by an antique store and, as usual, the cameras were far too pricey.

This Nikkormat Ft with 50mm f/1.8 was $100!  The shutter was slow and it was missing a cover on the bottom.  As much as I wouldn’t mind having one of these, $100 is far too much for a non-working example.

Nikkormat Ft with 50mm f/1.8

I wasn’t able to test this Nikon L35AF, but I don’t doubt that it would work.  They wanted $35, which is too rich for me.  I may go back and make an offer on this one if it tests out OK, but it will definitely not be full price.

Nikon L35AF

The only other camera that they had was this Olympus SuperZoom 300.  I didn’t even ask the price as these aren’t interesting to me.

Olympus Superzoom

Long Time, No Camera Hunting!

It’s been so hot this summer that I haven’t gotten out to hunt for cameras.  That changed today as we braved the heat to hit up some thrift shops and antique stores.  I didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without or was anywhere near thrifty enough for me, but I did take some pictures of my finds!

Canon Sure Shot for $12.50.  That’s just way too much.

Canon Sure Shot

Fuji Discovery 1000 Zoom Date for $7.99.  Again, way too much.

Fuji Discovery 1000 Zoom Date

Polaroid PZ1001.  I didn’t see a price, but I wasn’t interested anyway.

Polaroid PZ1001

Olympia for $4.99.  I would need to be paid to take this one off of their hands.


Polaroid Square Shooter 2 for $20.  Far too much.

Polaroid Square Shooter 2

Flash cubes.  They might have been fun to play with, but not worth the price of the camera.

Flash Cubes

Polaroid One Step Flash.  I’ve already got two of these, but I still find them everywhere.  I’m sure Polaroid made millions of them.

Polaroid One Step Flash

Nikkorex-8.  It’s a neat little Super 8 movie camera, but I’m not interested in Super 8 right now.


Agfa Isolette.  This poor fella was rusted out on the body with peeling leatherette.  It had some other body issues, but the shutter worked and the lens and bellows looked good.  It’d be a good parts camera for someone restoring another Isolette.

Agfa Isolette

Argus Autronic 35.  It was a bit of a beater.  I couldn’t tell if everything was working on it.

Argus Autronic 35

A previous owner had taped this to the top.

Argus Autronic 35 top

Falcon Deluxe Miniature.  I with this one wasn’t as rusted as it was.


Argus Autronic II.  Another beater with a bit of rust.

Argus Autronic II

Canon AE-1 Program.  It was missing some pieces, but otherwise not in bad shape.

Canon AE-1 Program

Agfalux flash.


Kodak Folder.


When the weather cools off, I hope I can get out and do some more hunting!  I’ve got a few places that I’m wanting to check out, so I’ll keep updating!

Zeiss Ikon Maximar 207/3 also known as the Maximar A

This is a plate camera from the 1930s that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law picked up for me at an estate sale for 50 cents!  It was considered a miniature camera at the time because the glass plates that it shot onto were much smaller than the standard.  I want to get a roll film adapter for it and shoot 120 film at 6 x 9!

DSC09828 DSC09832 DSC09834 DSC09837 DSC09840

I had seen pictures of the red circle online, but had no idea what it was.  It’s a level! DSC09844 DSC09849 DSC09851 DSC09853 DSC09855 DSC09860

A size comparison.


It’s hard to believe, but the shutter still seems accurate!

Thrifty Camera Reviews: Olympus XA

Zuiko 35mm f/2.8

Zuiko 35mm f/2.8

I’ve had my XA for a quite a while.  In that time, I’ve carried it with me just about everywhere.  It’s hard not to, it’s just so pocketable, usable, and has really good image quality.  It’s fantastically discreet for street photography and the sharp lens, especially when wide open, will not disappoint.  Here are some samples that I’ve taken with my XA.



Slim pickings

I haven’t had a lot of time for camera hunting lately, as you can see by my lack of updates.  When I have had time, I’ve come up empty.

This Saturday, we hit up a few antiques stores close to home.  Antique stores are pretty notorious for being far too high priced.  I found a couple of things, but nothing at all I couldn’t live without.

I found this old Kodak folder for $20, but it was falling apart.  I found its twin in another store for $210!  That’s a bit ambitious!

Old Kodak Folder

I also found this Tower One Twenty box camera for $25.95 with 20% off.  Still too much for a box camera even though it takes readily available 120 film.

Tower One Twenty